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Thanks for your interest in submitting your Zoomer story. We’re always excited to hear how the Zoomer has helped people. What do you like best about your new Zoomer? Where do you enjoy using your Zoomer? What does your new Zoomer allow you to do that you couldn’t do before it arrived? We’d love to hear all about your Zoomer experience

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In order to receive your discount code, simply follow the steps below:
Follow these simple steps:

Grab a Smartphone or Tablet that can record video or take photos.
(iPhone, Samsung, iPad, etc.)

Ask a friend or family member to record your video or take a photo

Using your Smartphone or Tablet, record a 30 – 60 second video or take a photo of you with your Zoomer. The only requirements are:

  • 1. Show yourself with your Zoomer
  • 2. Say something related to your Zoomer experience either in your video or in your written story below
Once your photo or video is complete, you are ready to send it to us. If using a desktop computer, email the video or photo to yourself and save it somewhere you will remember. If using a mobile device, you can upload the file straight from it.
Click this link to fill out a review form and upload your video or photo 

Just fill in the details, including a quick written testimonial or story about your Zoomer if submitting a photo.

Once you click submit you will be given a discount code for $35 off.
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